Reiko from Peru #14 二人姉妹のヒルダとリリアナ ~ペルー在住鏑木玲子さんのエッセイ~


Two sisters, Gilda and Liliana

I’m now supporting a girl of 18 years old to go to an institute run by a hospital. They are educating young people to be from receptionists to doctors. She is studying to be a physiotherapist and the course lasts three years. Why have I decided to support her while there are more young people who need more education to get a good job?


She has a sister who is a few years younger. She didn’t continue high school and quit it before finishing it. Then she wasn’t doing anything and after some months she disappeared from home. I didn’t know about it until a few months after she left home. When I heard about it, I was in panic. Her sister wasn’t doing anything special, as she couldn’t get any job after finishing the high school. What I worried was that she could leave home also.


But this older one is more intelligent and has special talent for drawing pictures. When she was only 14 years old I used to ask her to our workshop to draw pictures on the fabric with which we have been applying embroidery and making bags. I used to send her to a small school for graphic designing and sewing with a machine. So I wanted her to study something of arts.



I talked with her mother first and later with her herself. I told her to go out and find a school where she could study something; I thought at the time it could be anything just to make her busy.


She went out with her older brother and found an institute which was educating those who could later work for the hospital. First she thought of becoming a receptionist, but then she changed her mind to become a physiotherapist. It’s better. She will finish the school at the end of next year. I hope she can get a job after that.


She still comes to our workshop when we need her help to draw pictures on the fabric and sew the bags and book covers with sewing machine. And now her younger sister has a baby

I have been dreaming of making some fund to send more children of the members of our workshop to school to let them study to get a job after that.



A story of the younger sister, Liliana.

She came back to Carabayllo and she was pregnant, but she came with the father of her baby. She lived and still lives with him. She got a healthy, beautiful baby. Some time after the baby was born, she started to have a strange symptoms. She became totally lazy and she was not interested in her baby so much. She wanted to stay in bed all day. At that time she was with her mother, one of our workshop members. She was not happy and eating didn’t interest her either. (It’s already half a year ago, so I don’t remember the detail of the symptoms.) I didn’t know what to do to help her.


Just at that time a former volunteer for Socios En Salud, now a medical student in the US was visiting Lima and my place also with Oscar Ramirez, our boss. He thought that it could be Postpartum depression. Oscar found a good doctor in Lima. He talked with her and prescribed her a medicine. She started reacting soon, and now she is a happy mother.

ちょうどその時期に、NGO(Socios En Salud)で昔ボランティアをしていて、現在はアメリカで医学を学んでいる学生がリマを訪れていて、私たちのプロジェクトの上司であるオスカーと一緒にカラバイヨにも来てくれました。彼はリリアナの症状は、産後のうつではないかと考えました。オスカーがリマのよい医師を紹介してくれました。医師は症状を聞くと、薬を処方してくれました。その後、薬はすぐに効き、リリアナは今ではすっかり元気なお母さんです。