Reiko from Peru#5 Mujeres Unidas ~ペルー在住鏑木玲子さんのエッセイ~


We have had a big help from KOICA, Korean International Cooperation Agency since the end of January, 2013. During the filming of a documentary, the TV producing company asked KOICA to show their support to our handmade producing group. They built nine houses for those whose houses had been eaten by termites.

After that we got a big order from Korea. In order to make the production easier, KOICA decided to help us with some items like tools to make balls, document cabinet, glass cases and big plastic boxes to keep the finished items kept well. The items had been already listed and have been approved.First we went to a store, a home center. Then we made a proposal of all that we needed.

Next day some of the women of the group went to a nearer home center and bought glass cases and an iron cabinet. The weather was so bad and the path to our workshop was like “zenzai”. The items were so heavy, but we had to carry them from the truck which had to move a bit lower and flat for the safety’s sake.


First we carried the un-assembled cabinet. I joined to carry it to the horror of other young women. But it couldn’t be carried by two or three women. After that two glass cases were brought up by all the members if MU except those who had physical problem. It was raining and the mud path was slippery and part of the path is steep, that’s why the truck couldn’t come up near the workshop. There was a young man, like a student, watching us doing it. I asked him to help us. He did. We didn’t have anything as a reward but some cookies and five soles.

On Sunday, June 30, I and two other women went to another home center to buy large plastic cases. The president of our group, Yolanda, was so disappointed, as she knew that a different type of the boxes had been there. They appeared in the store and got sold quickly. We bought three smaller but still large boxes. Today a couple women went to another part of Lima, a large market place. They are supposed to buy ball making tools.

We had to do this in a short time, as KOICA’s coordinator has to come to our workshop to take photos once wrapped and then without wrapping. The government has to see them to make sure that nothing funny had been done.

The coordinator has to come to Carabayllo for that and the person from the store has to assemble the cabinet. Before that all the items have to be there wrapped.I don’t know it is all done well so that we can use them even today.