Knitting Together


Shall we knit together?

We have just started “knitting cafe” in Tamachi, Shibaura area.

Anyone who loves to knit, feels like trying it, wants to see people knitting or wants to chat
feel free to come around.

1. Paticipation is free
If you can bring your tools and yarns.

2. Amazing coffee available
You can enjoy coffee from Coffee Wrights! Bringing your own drink and snacks are also ok!

3. Have you ever touched Alpaca yarn?
As we, MAITE, is the alpaca knit wear brand, we have various yarns made of fantastic alpaca!


There is no teacher, but someone will help you to start or when you struggle. Our neighbor Toshiko-san is with us. She is 50 years experienced knitter, who used to knit for work.

We also have books and i-pad to check for self learner.


The venue is SHIBAURA HOUSE. It is community space in Shibaura, 5 min walk from Tamachi station. (7 min walk from Mita station)



Coffee or Chai and sweets from Coffee Wrights are amazing. They are inside of the SHIBAURA HOUSE.



You could bring your yarn or choose from our yarns.




We have various alpaca yarns that you could purchase to use.


If you are interested in alpaca or Peru story, we could share with you how the yarn is made,
how alpacas are living in the South America,
how people there are taking care of them at over 3500 m high altitude.

If you purchase our alpaca yarn, we will donate 10% of the yarn price to the schools for kids education in Peru.



Looking forward to seeing you and knitting together!


Knit cafe, connecting to the world


Station: JR Tamachi, Metro Mita
Address: 3-15-4 Shibaura, Mita, Minato-ku (MAP)


Open day : every two weeks Thursday 14:00~16:00 (It may change.)
Please check below calender or our FacebookLINE@instagram

読み込み中... 読み込み中...

Tools, materials, fee:
Bringing own tools and yarns : free
Borrowing tools : free
Yarn to buy : around 200JPY – 2,000JPY


For any question, feel free to contact by email.





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